These days, if you don’t have a website, your company practically doesn’t exist. Not even the best of products or services are worth it if you are not visible online. You’re missing out on serious marketing opportunities, while the competition is easily taking your customers. If you’re wondering how to make a website, let us reveal the truth.

If you already have a website – great news. If you don’t, you’re probably realizing that it’s nearly impossible to create one on your own. For this reason, many professionals turn to web designers and developers to build their online presence. Once they start collaborating with a development/design company, they may quickly realize that reality is much different than they anticipated. This happens because of some common misconceptions about website design. Here’s what they are and why you shouldn’t put too much faith in them anymore.


My Website is Done and I Should Forget About It

Websites aren’t a “set it and forget it“ kind of thing. Once your website is designed and developed, that’s only half of the work done. In order to really make an impact with your online presence, you need to know that work on a website is never really done.

First and foremost, you need to pay close attention to security. A site with outdated structure is trouble waiting to happen. For example, you could have outdated plugins on your WordPress website, which hackers can exploit. By running regular security checkups on your website, you can keep it safe from hackers at all times.

Let’s not forget about content. Lately, the online world has gone crazy about content marketing, and for a good reason. It’s no longer enough to just have a website with a few pages and call it a day. In order to stay relevant, you need to have a blog and update it regularly with fresh posts. The benefits are numerous. First, you provide useful content to your readers, who keep coming back to your website for more. Second, you provide more keywords for search engines, and your site will be more easily found on Google. For this part of the job, you may need an in-house writer or you can outsource the job.


My Website Can Stay the Same for Years to Come

Here’s some bad news. The market changes, trends change, and so does the web. Technology keeps evolving and what used to be a standard for websites five years ago is now already outdated and non-functional. This is not to say that you need a complete website overhaul every other year or so. Small changes are good, when you see that your site needs to catch up to the industry standards.

When does your website need a redesign? There’s multiple factors at play here, such as your industry, the platform the site was built on, how frequently your users visit your site etc. Common practice is for websites to get a complete redesign every two to three years.
One of the hardest things for web designers is to convince people who had the same website for over 10 years that it needs a complete redesign. Sure, it works. Sure, it brings traffic. However, a complete overhaul would open up new opportunities for traffic and attract fresh visitors to the site.


Once Someone Builds my Site – I Should Get Updates for Free

There’s an old saying that stood the test of time – there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If your website design company knows how to make a website, you will want them to stay around. You will most certainly have changes or updates to your website as time goes by, and that is perfectly natural. However, do not expect your website designers to make these changes for free.

Website developers and designers understand that many users have needs that expand further than just design. For this reason, they will give you a support period once the website is done, so you can make any necessary changes in a given timeframe.

It is very common nowadays for web development companies to offer monthly and annual plans for maintenance. For a small subscription fee, you can make sure that you always have a designer and developer at your disposal. What’s even better, many of these plans also include security updates and maintenance, which makes it an even better deal.



My Website Needs to Be a Piece of Art

When you look at other websites in your industry, you may find some you really like. They have fancy design elements, sleek transitions, plugins and options that make you say wow. You instantly feel like your website needs to be like that as well.

This is one of the rookie errors in web design, and this is where you really need an experienced designer to give you a helping hand. Your website should really be about the users, and not about yourself and what you find beautiful. If it looks gorgeous, but it’s not functional and it makes visitors go away – it needs to be removed from the website ASAP.

Good web design is all about providing a great user experience. Ultimately, you want people to stick around and buy, not stare at your pages as if they’re some sort of artform.


Blank Space is Bad for My Website

This is one of the more common complaints with people who build or redesign their site. If the designer leaves lots of blank space on the page, the company owners don’t like it. The reasoning is that blank space means the site lacks substance. Furthermore, their company lacks substance and has little to offer.

This is far from the truth. Blank space, if used appropriately, can bring a sense of orderliness and simplicity to a website. Following the principles of minimalism, it makes the website more readable and simply more beautiful to look at.


Anyone Knows How to Make a Website – It’s Super Simple

This is a classic case of easier said than done. If you’ve ever tried to build a website on your own, you’ll quickly realize that it’s hard work. Especially if you don’t have a background in IT, putting together a website can feel incredibly complex.

If you take a look at some of the websites that you like, they may seem simple on the surface. However, in order to be that way, plenty of hard work and dedication had to be put in.

One alternative to getting a web development agency is making the site yourself using a website builder such as Wix or Squarespace. Platforms such as these do have their strengths. You can select a template, edit in a bunch of images, write your own content, and within a matter of hours, you got your website. However, there are downsides too.

First, you run the risk of having a website that looks like something else out there – after all, everyone has access to these templates. Second, the templates may be a blessing, but they also are a curse. You are very limited in the options you have available. For any customizations, you will have to hire a designer or a developer – which defeats the purpose a website builder.



I’ll Just Copy Someone Else’s Website

On the list of bad ideas, this one is pretty high up there. You search the web and you see a website you like and think – this looks cool, I’ll make a website exactly like this one. First and foremost, this is illegal. Second, it’s marketing suicide.

Your website is the extension of your company’s visual identity and brand. As such, it should mirror your company colors, logo, design and overall look and feel. By copying someone else, you are renouncing your own brand. In order to achieve true marketing success, your website’s design should be in line with the overall brand voice and message.
The situation is even worse if you are copying a competitor. Your aim is to stand out from the crowd, both with your product and marketing.


I’ll Just Make a Website and Visitors Will Come In

As we mentioned, you cannot just make a website and let it be. Just as new customers and clients won’t come and buy your products and services without advertising, visitors won’t come to your site either. That is, unless you invest time and effort into it.

Your website needs marketing, just as much as your company. In order to attract and retain visitors, you should put in consistent marketing efforts on the regular. This means investing in paid ads (PPC), social media presence, and as already mentioned, content marketing.

Promoting your website is hard work, and for this reason, many companies choose to outsource the job. Unfortunately, just as many companies ditch the promotion altogether. As we witnessed time and time again, promoting your website has excellent return on investment and it should absolutely be a part of your marketing plan.


My Website Will Look the Same Everywhere

Your website is done, you love the design and the function. Then you happen to open it in another browser and you notice that it looks slightly different. Then, you open it on your mobile phone and it looks completely different. What gives?

In an ideal world, everyone would be using one and the same interface to reach your website. However, this is not the case. There are a number of different devices and even browsers that your visitors will use to access your website. This means that it should be optimized for each of them, which takes a bit of work from the development team.

Most important out of these is the optimization for mobile. As you may be aware, the majority of users search for products using their phones nowadays. On top of that, Google now lists mobile optimization as one of the factors that influence your site’s rankings on search page results. For these reasons, it is absolutely vital that your website is optimized for mobile. It may not look the same as it does on desktop, but it needs to look and function flawlessly.


Photos? I’ll Just Use Some from Google

Photos are one of the major building blocks of each good website. Unfortunately, great photos don’t just appear out of thin air. For this reason, you’re forced to source them, and this can be a tedious process. Your first thought may be – I’ll just get some pics from Google.

While this is incredibly lazy (seriously, don’t do it), it’s also very much illegal. The vast majority of photos you can find on Google are protected by copyright law. This means that by using them, you are violating the author’s rights and they may go after you and even sue you. In the best-case scenario, you can just remove the photo in question and move on with your business. Worst case scenario – you end up paying thousands in fines.

The most elegant solution is to resort to stock photos. There are plenty of stock image websites online where you can get great pics for a small fee. If you want professional photos, you can hire a photographer, but it will cost you considerably more.


Over to you

Do you believe in any of these misconceptions? Perhaps it’s time to put beliefs like these in the past. And what better way to do so than with a top team of website developers and designers? At Adspirine, we know exactly what it takes to build a successful website from scratch. Watch as we launch your company into online stardom, according to your needs and desires. Even if you already have a website, we’ll make it better than you ever hoped it can be.

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