Given that email is the prevalent medium for personal and business communication in 2018, it’s no wonder that there are so many dangers to it. You could get hacked, have your password stolen, email servers could go down, a major cyber attack could happen… The list goes on and on. One of the safest ways to go about keeping your emails secure is cloud email backup. Here’s just a few of the many reasons why cloud email backup is a great solution to keep your online communication safe.

1. The Amount of Data You Can Store

Ever ran out of space on your phone? Not enough space left on your laptop’s hard drive? With cloud solutions, lack of space is a thing of the past. Once you go from physical to digital, there are almost no limitations in terms of space.

2. Automatic Backups

One of the biggest advantages of cloud email backup is the ability to set it up so it’s done automatically. If you want to download your files and store them somewhere, you have to do it manually. If there’s just one user, this can become very tedious, let alone when there’s hundreds of users with thousands of emails. Simply set up your cloud email backup to run at a certain time and things will be done in the background for you.

3. Your Data is Safe with Email Cloud Backup

Think about it, if your emails are on just one server (Gmail, for example), if something happens, all the information is gone. With cloud email backup, there’s at least one copy of your data, and in most cases, there’s two. That means that for your emails to be lost, your email server would have to crash, along with two other remote cloud servers. Highly unlikely, as this provides double the safety of a regular email provider.

4. When We Say Safe, we Mean Really Safe

Simply having your data placed on another server doesn’t mean that much – right? It’s just another copy of your emails, which can be compromised like all other data. Not true, as services such as BackupMail allow additional security. BackupMail’s 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard communication ensures that your emails have an additional layer of protection against cyber attacks.

5. It’s Cheap

How much of a loss would it be if all of your personal emails were deleted? And how much would it hurt your company if you and your employee’s emails were all suddenly gone? The data could cause enormous problems for you and your company, in staggering amounts of money. On the other hand, you can have BackupMail’s services for as low as $70 per month for 10GB of data. Think of how much money you save in the long run with your emails safely stored and backed up.

In a world filled with cyber attacks, data leaks and server crashes, cloud email backup has become a necessity. Try out BackupMail as your email backup solution and enjoy the safety it brings to you and your employees. Instead of worrying about what can happen if your emails are lost or compromised, BackupMail will worry for you, while you do the work you do best.


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