Remember the time we used to type “brb” to the person we’re chatting to when we would step away from the computer screen? Me neither. We practically live here now. We’re constantly online on our phones that serve as our computers. Therefore, it makes sense to have your business online too.

Nah, we’ve never done business like that. People have always bought our potatoes. Besides, I don’t have the time or resources to go online.

Well, my entrepreneurial friend, let me give you 9 reasons why being online will actually be the best investment for your business.

1. Everyone is Online

In the old days, we relied on the phone book. But let’s face it: people are too lazy to page through a book looking for something when they can just type “where can I buy round potatoes” in a search bar and find results within a few seconds.

2. Your Competition is (Most Probably) Online

Being online has made our lives easier, but also busier. Your customers want convenience. Why would they go to the store if they can buy their favourite potatoes online with instant delivery? This means you lose customers to your competitors that are online.

3. Marketing Your Business is Easier

A website is a great promotional tool where you can easily showcase your latest offerings of yummy potatoes. Also, with the help of email marketing, social media advertising and blogging, you will not only generate more leads, but also seem like the leading expert in the potato field.

4. It’s Cost-Effective

With online presence and marketing comes cost effectiveness. Sure, you’ll probably have to hire a professional team to design your website and plan your social media campaigns, but the ROI will be higher than for your conventional marketing of handing out brochures and potatoes as samples to people who may not even be your target market.

5. You’re Open for Business 24/7

Most businesses have limited opening hours. Your online business doesn’t. It advertises, generates leads, shows your customers around, and makes sales for you, even when you’re asleep. Being online means you are there for your customers whenever they need potatoes or more information on it.

6. Customers Connect with You

No-one wants to spend precious time on the phone only to be placed on hold by customer services. Having all your contact and social media information on your website will enable your customers to reach out and ensure that you can respond to their queries promptly.

7. Mobile App Business Opportunities

Some companies develop great websites, only to realise later that it’s not mobile friendly. More than half the global population accesses the internet through their cellphones. Thus, if your website is mobile friendly, that’s a few million more customers that will stick around.

8. Global Competitiveness for Your Business

An online business with a professional domain address seems more established and reliable than those that are not. And unlike your offline local potato warehouse, your online business can ship potatoes worldwide if you want to.

9. Your Name is Your Brand and Your Reputation

Your website will show that you value your customers and their time, especially if you showcase testimonials. Seeing the success of others who used your products will be more convinced to follow you and in turn will be online ambassadors for your brand.


Wow, That’s Amazing! But Where Do I start?

Fortunately, there are companies like ADSpirine that can help your company grow as a whole by setting up your website and social media platforms. All you have to do is focus on what you’re good at.

PS: Potatoes can be replaced with any service/product of your choosing.


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