So, you’ve decided that your company needs a website done. Whether you’re just starting out or you need a redesign of an existing website – it’s a great call to make. However, there’s one question that bothers many business owners – how much is this going to set me back, and how to create a website?

With billions of websites in the world, there are just as many website developers and agencies, and it’s hard to choose the best option. However, one of the major choices you have to make is the following – a one-time website payment or a monthly subscription model.

While each has its own strengths and flows, we tend to gravitate towards the second option. The question is – how much does it cost to run a website monthly? We’re here today to tell you all about pay monthly websites and why this payment model is the best for you, whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise company.


One-Time Payments are Great if You Have Infrastructure

There’s no denying it, it’s great if you pay once and have your website built – and call it a day. However, this model is only viable if you already have an infrastructure in place and you know what you’re doing. Namely, if you’ve already run a website before, you will know your way around things.

Once your developer leaves you with a finished website, you’re left on your own. You will have to take care of website updates, design tweaks, security updates, plugin updates and much more. Unless you’re well-versed in web development, this may prove to be an obstacle.

For those companies that work in IT or have a strong IT department, one-time payments for websites are a better option. However, if you don’t have a developer, designer and a copywriter on your team, your best bet is to opt for monthly payments and have all these services included on an ongoing basis.

You may be thinking it’s smart to have a dedicated team of IT professionals on your side for any website-related tasks. While it’s indeed great to have an in-house web development team, it is not an option that many companies can afford, especially startups. A small company cannot justify the thousands of dollars it takes to pay a team of people to take care of your website on a monthly basis. Unless you can justify the return on investment, pay monthly websites simply make much more sense financially for most companies out there.


You Get the Most Important Website Essentials

When you first wonder how to create a website, you need to know that there are two things it needs to have: a domain and hosting. Domain is the address of your website ( and you can register it for a couple of dollars on an annual basis. However, a pay monthly website means that domain costs are included, and your web development company takes care of expiration and renewal.

Hosting implies a server for your website – as the files that get loaded on your page have to be stored somewhere. Not all hosting servers are the same, and there’s lots of factors to consider, such as speed, security and reliability. If you let your website development agency take care of this task for you, you’ll save a lot of time on choosing the best option. Pay monthly websites mean reliable servers at all times.

Besides these two, your web development agency will also take care of any necessary security certificates and licenses that you may not even be aware of, but which are required to run a secure website.



SEO Comes as Standard

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of every modern website. Namely, it’s no use having a site with gorgeous design and amazing content, if nobody can find it. This is why SEO is such a huge deal and why you absolutely need to pay attention to it. A properly optimized website will rank high in search engine results, and a good SEO strategy means that you will be able to beat your competition in one of the most important places there is for a modern business – Google results pages.

There are some SEO best practices to follow in how to create a website. These include properly formatted titles, H1 headings, meta descriptions, image alt tags and other on-page SEO factors. If you don’t know what any of this means – no worries. Your website design/development agency will know how take care of these SEO issues in a pinch.


Mobile is Standard, Too

Speaking of search engines, did you know that mobile optimization is one the factors for ranking well in search engine results? One of Google’s recent algorithms ensured that those sites with a mobile version rank higher than those that don’t have one.
If this is not reason enough to go mobile, consider the fact that mobile traffic makes up the majority of website visits today. In order to ensure that your site looks and functions great on all devices, it’s essential to have it optimized for mobile.

While this is not an easy task to tackle on your own, your web development agency can take care of it as they build your website. And with a pay monthly website, you can ensure that each new website update looks great on mobile, tablets, desktop, as well as different browsers and operating systems.



Monthly Payments Mean Monthly Updates

If you simply pay for a website once, this may be where all your communication and support stops from the developer side. However, if you choose a monthly plan, there could be a whole lot of goodies included for the price of monthly payment.

One of the most important is the ability of unlimited content changes. How many times have you needed to update the text on your website in the past year? Whether you need to change something as crucial as your phone number or simply fix a type, your developer can handle it for you.

As time goes by, you may dislike some parts of your website’s design or find out that your visitors aren’t too crazy about them. You can simply contact your developers and have them change colors, fonts, images, background and whatever may be causing an issue.

Most importantly, with monthly payments, you get support for security. Hacker attacks are far too common these days and they could happen to your site too. In case of an emergency, you can contact the people behind your website to fix up any security issues on your behalf. Remember, every minute that your website is down is damage to your reputation and a dent in your budget.


Time is of the Essence

Sometimes a matter of minutes can make or break a business move. Especially if you have a startup, you will be required to make quick decisions and you’ll need a reliable partner that values your time. With a pay monthly website, you get constant website support for any ongoing changes that you need to make. In this way, if there’s any urgent updates that need to be done, they can be handled within hours and not days.


There are No Tricks with Monthly Payments

With a website packaged in a one-time payment, you only get what you agreed on in the beginning. Many website development agencies make it unclear whether this means continuous support. For this reason, you may think that you’ll be allowed updates once the website is done and put live.

With a monthly payment website plan, you get a transparent overview of the services you are provided every month. You may be thinking that you don’t need to pay every month for changes that you rarely need – but think of it as insurance. At a certain point in time, you’ll need a major change in code or design that will warrant all of the previous monthly payments thus far.

In all of Adspirine’s monthly subscription plans, you get a clear overview of what’s included in the service. There are no hidden loopholes or tricks to deceive our clients. And if you feel the need to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any point in time, you’re free to do so without any repercussions.



Your Business Model May Require Constant Website Updates

Companies within one industry can differ wildly between one another, let alone across industries. For example, we have a client who rents his boat house every summer. There’s no need to update any information on his website at all, and the site is static. The information stays relevant in the years to come.

However, if you operate in a fast-paced industry, you may need to update your website on a daily basis. For example, someone with an ecommerce store may need to enter hundreds of items in their store daily, update available items, edit photos and descriptions etc.

Similarly, a real estate agent will have to keep entering new houses on their website and removing the ones that are sold. If you can’t perform these tasks on your own, it’s best to opt for a monthly payment website. A simple email to your web developer’s support team will take care of any updates you need done.


Email is Also Included

When you think about it, there really is no rocket science to setting up an email account on a service such as Gmail or Yahoo. However, things get complicated if you need a professional address ([email protected]) and if you need to handle dozens to thousands of emails at once. Usually, your website development agency won’t handle this job if you simply pay for a website design or overhaul.

However, with pay monthly websites, a lot of companies include email management as well. This means creating new account, securing and backing up your current accounts, migrating emails from one address to another and many other services. If it’s included in the monthly fee, this is too good of an opportunity to pass on.


Pay Monthly Websites are Great for Growth

Chances are, your company won’t always stay the same. As you grow and expand, you will get more workforce and perhaps even new departments. Naturally, your website will need to grow along as well.

With a pay monthly website, you have a reliable partner for your web development and design efforts that keeps up with your company’s growth. You can have entire new sections done at the fraction of a cost of building a new website.


Monthly Payments = Monthly Backups

What’s the worst thing that can happen to your website? Besides trusting a horrible web designer to take care of it, of course? It’s probably losing all of your website data because of a hacker or a server issue. This is where backups come in play.

When it comes to peace of mind, you cannot put a price on it. However, monthly payments mean that you have monthly backups done each and every month. In this way, if something does happen to your website, your developers will be able to restore your data to your last backup point.


Get Help From a Professional

If you think that paying monthly fees for your website is the best way to run your website, we’re the right partner for your business. At Adspirine, we understand that companies have different needs when it comes to websites and we built our pricing and maintenance plans around this fact. We have a range of different plans and addons to suit everyone, from small businesses to enterprise range companies. Reach out to us today and get started – let us build you a website you’ll be proud to show off!


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